Truro Shopmobility

Formerly Go! Truro

How To Use Us

Our Equipment is available for hire within Truro City Centre only during our opening hours (Tuesday-Saturday 10am to 3pm – except for bank holidays).

On your first use, you will need to bring with you two forms of ID. One form of ID must be a photographic ID type.

You will then complete a short form which enrols you as a member. There are two types of membership – either a 'day' or 'Annual' Membership - that you can choose. In both cases, enrolling is the same process. You can find out more about the Memberships and the current fees here.

Once the paperwork is done, we will find the equipment that is most suitable for you and provide a short period of training to get you used to the equipment and make sure that you are comfortable.

On each use, including your first use, you will need to sign your equipment out and in to show that you agree with the condition of the equipment. You will also need to confirm that your condition hasn't changed since you last enrolled in such a way that may affect your ability to use the equipment. If this is the case we may be able to recommend another piece of equipment that is more suited for you instead.

You can have the equipment for a as long or as short as you like, however in order to allow us to sign the equipment back in, we require the equipment to be returned at 2.40pm.

In all cases booking in advance is advised. We will not turn you away if we have suitable equipment available – but we do run out, and sometimes days before the actual date. Therefore, to avoid disappointment please phone at least the morning of your trip so we can reserve your equipment. If you plan on regular visits e.g. every second Tuesday, please let the staff know and we can reserve your equipment ahead of time.

Please can you let us know as soon as possible if you have a change of plans and will no longer be using the equipment. This will enable us to allow someone else to use the equipment instead.

Furthermore, on days where all bookings have been returned and no other bookings have been made, the scheme may close at 2pm or thereafter. Therefore if you plan on using the equipment at 2pm or later it is imperative that you let us know as soon as possible.


Opening Hours

Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday CLOSED

From 31st March 2017 we are unfortunately closed to new bookings.

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