Truro Shopmobility

Formerly Go! Truro

User Reviews

Here are just a selection of some of the things people have said about our scheme.

"I have S.P. and mum brings me to collect a scooter and I can go Shopping on my own with help. I hope go Truro can carrie on. I like shopping with the scooter on my own. Sometime in Summer I can get to the park on the scooter for a picinic with friends."

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"As a regular user of "Go! Truro" I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation of this scheme and its operators. Without it I would be obliged to either park in the streets, thereby adding to congestion or bringin my own scooter, when I only succeed in worsening my condition struggling with the weight of the ramps."

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"I think it is an excellent Scheme. The staff are very friendly and extremely helpful."


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From 31st March 2017 we are unfortunately closed to new bookings.

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