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Truro Shopmobility Scheme Closure

With regret, Volunteer Cornwall has had to make the very difficult decision to close the Truro Shopmobility Scheme. We appreciate that this will be difficult news for users of the service and we would like to explain the background to this decision.

Volunteer Cornwall has operated, and in part funded (along with other supportive partners), the scheme from surplus funds generated in the course of the charity’s other activities since 2008. Unfortunately, ongoing austerity and doubts over future grants means that the situation has become unsustainable. Before reaching this difficult decision, we have explored other options including discussions with another organisation about taking over the running of the scheme but unfortunately without success.

We recognise that the scheme has provided much needed help to a great many people and we want to soften the blow that its closure will inevitably cause as much as possible so we will be operating a short-term scheme which will make scooters available for current Shopmobility members for the coming months in order that the impact of the closure of the scheme is not too abrupt.

Additionally we will be working to identify those users of the scheme who are most reliant on the service and will be speaking to each of them to identify whether Volunteer Cornwall, or any of our partner organisations, are able to provide alternative means of help getting around the city centre. We will post more details here in the coming days about the support we can offer following the closure.

Truro Shopmobility will formally close on 31st March 2017 and the short term scheme will be run from Volunteer Cornwall’s Truro office a short distance from the City Centre.

We recognise that this will be sad news for the many regular and occasional users of the Shopmobility service. It has been our pleasure and privilege to know you all over the 9 years of the scheme’s existence and we will do our utmost to help you find help from others in accessing the city centre.

None of our other services are affected by this announcement but if you have any queries or questions, please email our Support & Development Manager, Andy Brelsford by clicking here.

Community Transport and the CiLT

Volunteer Cornwall and Age UK (Cornwall and Isles of Scilly) are presenting a talk on Community Transport in Cornwall and Devon on Wednesday 9th April - 1745 for a 1800 start at Plymouth University.

The event, which has been organised by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, will focus on how Community Transport can and should compliment existing transport services and how co-operation between transport services can improve provision. There will be opportunities to discuss several key issues during the presentation.

Shopmobility, of course, is a part of this Community Transport network, often providing the last leg of the journey after someone arrives in a location on a bus, in a car or on the train. Information about Truro Shopmobility, and the other services that Volunteer Cornwall provide will be on-hand at the event.

We hope to see you there.


From today, Go! Truro has been rebranded as Truro Shopmobility as it was felt that this was related closer to our services and sometimes it was felt that Go! Truro was not clear. Also it had been, for a number of years, the 'unofficial' name for the scheme. Alongside this change of name, Truro Shopmobility has received a new logo, which you can see at the top of this page, and this new website. We still offer the same services, membership and opening times as before - just under this new logo.


As with all changes, there may be overlaps between old publicity under 'Go! Truro' and the rebranding as 'Truro Shopmobility'.


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From 31st March 2017 we are unfortunately closed to new bookings.

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