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What is Community Transport

This is the name given to a range of Community based solutions, normally using volunteers, that provide transport to the local community who are unable to access or use existing public or private transport and is a broad title covering a number of different types of schemes. Through Community Transport members of the public can access different services they would otherwise be unable to access.

Each project is owned and operated by local Community Groups or charities, and are provided on a not-for-profit basis. Without the dedicated team of volunteers working on these schemes from Car drivers to Shopmobility workers, these schemes would not be able to function.

These schemes include:

  • Community Car Schemes
  • Community Bus Schemes
  • Accessible Vehicles
  • Minibus Hire
  • Dial a Ride
  • Wheels to Work / Wheels to Learn
  • Shopmobility

Each Scheme will have different operation criteria, with some specifically covering health related journeys or focusing on a certain geographical area.


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From 31st March 2017 we are unfortunately closed to new bookings.

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